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belolcan's Journal

Teh Offishal Bello LJ guild.
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is the official LiveJournal community for the BeLOLcan guild, located on Bellocan, one of the Maple Story Global servers.

The rules are simple:
1) You must be a member of belolcan. After joining, make a quick intro post. Include your IGN, your level (please use the format of "3x" to indicate a level in the 30's, "4x" for 40's, etc), and your job. You can also add Masticating or any of the Junior Masters and request an invitation from them, but there is no guarantee when any of us will be online.
2) Be respectful to other BeLOLcan members. This includes insults, slurs, cheating, tricking, luring, and et cetera. Poking fun at a friend is okay, but it needs to stop if/when they ask.
3) No hacking. Pretty self-explanatory, I think. And yes, god-mode does count as hacking.
4) Be active! We don't mind if your BeLOLcan character isn't your main. Side projects are okay with us--but plese don't let it gather dust for months on end. If you decide to abandon a character, let us know. I do remove forgotten characters from time to time. If you need to leave Maple for a while (finals coming up? Uncle Fred in the hospital?) that's okay too. For your sake, let one of us know, so we don't remove you.

19/20 Members (1 opening)
Next expansion: 25 members
Cost: 1,412,175/2,500,000 mesos
Total 2,500,000 mesos needed to expand the guild.

Guild Roster: (work-in-progress)
Masticating (kovacs), level 4x Hunter (semi-retired)
RickAllen (onsenmark), level 4x Ice/Lightning Wizard
Edification (kovacs), level 4x Fighter
CrispyFTW (crispy183), level 2x Rogue
CylonAgent (genesis_ark), level 1x Archer
Mircette (andthemoon), level 4x Page
LongwoodLion (longwoodlion), level 4x Ice/Lightning Wizard
IcemanInui (pre10der), level 3x Fire/Poison Wizard
XavierNinja (death_by_flcl), level 3x Bandit
Rayvenne (iridecsence), level 3x Hunter
shaharazad (starryslinky), level 3x Fire/Poison Wizard
ISeeN00bs (pennya), level 2x Magician
lnsaneCIown (jpopson), level 2x Warrior